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FOX re-doubling charges of "liberal media"

Reported by Chrish - November 6, 2008 -

This morning on America's Newsroom host Bill Hemmer interviewed Douglas MacKinnon (formerly Bob Dole's Press Secretary) about the influence of the media on the Obama campaign, and the treatment he can expect post-election. Hemmer repeated some common myths about the media treatment of both candidates during the campaign, that shore up the talking point that Obama got a free ride from the enamored press. Of course there is much more to it than FOX is letting on.
With video

First, Bill Hemmer announced that Rasmussen polling revealed that "A majority of Americans believed that the mainstream media was in the tank for Barack Obama" and second, he ascribes to the media the motive of "wanting to help elect Barack Obama." His guest parroted the talking point that newspaper circulation numbers are declining because readers are turned off by the liberal bias and cancel subscriptions, not taking into account more realistic reasons like the convenience of on-line news reading, lighter laptops and prevalent wifi hot spots, and growing awareness of the need to cut raw resource consumption.

MacKinnon asserts that newspaper management is "so far left" and higher-ups care more for ideology than profits because "it's not their money." Pffft. A "real smart guy" around FOX News Channel says "this is the year that journalism died." If anyone should know about the death of journalism, it's a FOX guy! He expects a short honeymoon for Obama, and the press will be watching him closely.

Well, let's see how that all compares to the Colonel Klink methodolgy used the past eight years, where they turned a blind eye to all the corruption and Constitution-shredding going on.

We weren't around for the Clinton years, Stolen Election I, or the invasion of Iraq at FOX; we just tuned in with the war already underway (five years ago!). All we've seen of FOX has been deference to the administration, defense of the indefensible, cover ups, excuses, and lies, all to the benefit of the Republican party. It will be interesting to watch the transformation into rabid "watch dogs" who will doubtless jump on any and every act by the Obama administration.