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Fox Gears Up to Blame the Credit Crisis on "the Dems" and President Obama

Reported by Melanie - November 6, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto opened his show today (November 6, 2008) with this: "Alright. Here come the bailouts and here goes the sell-off. The Dow slammed again today as Congress talks up even more spending today. Ah, it had been a little bit worse than this but about a 440 point hit on top of yesterday's 486 points. That's about 10% in two days."


Comment: In the propaganda-free, reality-based world, the Dow was down because "jobless claims jumped and the shrinking economy crushed earnings." Bailouts by congress (code on Fox for "the Dems") didn't figure in today. The jobless claims picture is awful. Look at this chart (which doesn't include today's numbers). While Cavuto tried to link "the Dems" to the crashing stock market, he didn't make an issue of the jobless claims, probably because they're harder to pin on "the Dems" and would more than likely be felt - by his audience - to be Bush's fault. But I'm willing to bet that from the moment Barack Obama takes office, Cavuto will report every single negative statistic there is and make them a centerpiece of his show, emphasized by flashy graphs and extended round table discussions. After all, the projections are that this "credit crisis" will extend well into 2009 if not beyond, so there will likely be plenty of material to use to blame this mess on "the Dems" and a President Obama. I think it's truthy to say that Fox has only just begun.