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Fox News Reporter Going “Rogue?” Sign Of The End Times?

Reported by Priscilla - November 5, 2008 -

Recently, Major Garrett dared to challenge the Fox orthodoxy? Will he be brought before the Fox Inquisition and forced to recant? Is there a secret, subversive, cell of socialist, Obama operatives deep within the bowels of Fox News? I can’t answer the above questions; but I can tell you about how Garrett went “off message” in daring to defend Barack Obama – a message contained in a leaked e-mail containing management’s talking points for the day. Perhaps a fun thing would be to identify each RNC propaganda talking point. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Details after the fold.

Kudos to Major Garrett for taking issue with a propaganda point issued in an e-mail, distributed to Fox staff, which dictated the associated talking points for the content for Fox&Friends on Sunday, November 2nd. (Guess they can’t put together their own talking points). The propaganda point in question was to be included in the F&F interview with Brent Bozell (Comment: Although I wasn’t a fan, Bozell’s late conservative uncle, William Buckley, did not deal in cheap propaganda aimed at the peasant with pitchfork crowd!). In order to show how Obama “will control the media,” the “Friends” were told to talk about Obama’s “kicking reporters off the plane” and “ignoring Fox News.”

When Garrett received the e-mail, he took issue with the point that Obama had “ignored Fox.” Garrett responded with his own e-mail which went to a number of Fox staffers. He asserted that Obama had done 8 interviews with Fox. As a result of Garrett’s criticism, the Bozell segment was re-tooled.

Back story, Garrett’s e-mail, and Fox management’s “instructions” courtesy of Huffington Post.

Comment: Garrett’s response is commendable. If more Fox employees would challenge the lies and smears of Fox News, then it might actually change into a “fair and balanced” news network. George Bernard Shaw must have been thinking about Fox when he said that “progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” And Fox News’ mind is tightly closed.