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Are FNC viewers seeing the light through their transparent "news" outlet?

Reported by Chrish - November 5, 2008 -

In one of the FOX News forums, someone posted a piece titled "It Wasn’t Inevitable That McCain Would Lose". If some of the comments are any indication, the reasonable wing of (my father's) Republican party may be fed up enough now to try and take their party back from the extreme right who has hijacked it.

One such comment read

"My fellow Republicans. Let’s leave this land of stupidity and self delusion. We have been betrayed by Bush and his policies that made it impossible for a man of substance and heroism like McCain to win. And we have lied to ourselves by believing that supporting W’s ignorance was being patriotic. Just as bad, we patronized news outlets that told us what we wanted to hear, rather than what was true. Just read the “news” stories on this outlet vs every other source of news in the country. Seems there isn’t a liberal media agenda, just an entertainment media agenda (right here). We were the Party where only excellence was tolerated and promoted. We’ve got to get back there and we have to leave baggage like Fox news behind. See you in another place. For now, I have to participate in supporting a country, a new President, my Senator (McCain) and building a new Party."

(my emphasis on the most delicious parts.)

Another added

"John McCain had hist heart in the right place, but his candidacy was hijacked by the same morons who ruined our country. Next time, don’t let the same morons who have given conservative ideology hijack your campaign. I guess this was your last shot…
The lesson is, don’t let ignorant Republicans lead you astray."

and yet another wrote

"We only lost by a couple percentage points, the same couple percentage points that Winky Palin cost us. Let’s not be stupid and try elevating this woman in the future."

Let's hope this attitude prevails and FOX becomes increasingly irrelevant.

H/T reader MC