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Van Susteren's Blatant Effort To Defeat Obama In Pennsylvania (Florida And Ohio, Too)

Reported by Ellen - November 4, 2008 -

FOX News “Democrat” Greta Van Susteren didn't ask a single tough question during her three-part interview with Sarah Palin last week. But she has repeatedly gone out of her way to cast aspersions on Barack Obama's candidacy. During one segment on last night's (11/3/08) On The Record, it was a neat threefer for Van Susteren. First, she “outsourced” the disparagement by playing a video of Democrat and Obama supporter Jerrold Nadler criticizing Obama for not having the political courage to leave Rev. Wright's church, then she hyped the significance of an attack on Obama by a fellow Democrat, and she did her best to promote it as a potentially fatal issue in three swing states. Double bonus points for making it about Wright, of course, even though Van Susteren insisted it wasn't. With video.

The guest for the segment was David Mark, senior editor for Politico. “With friends like this, who needs enemies in politics?” Mark said, then added that Nadler was saying exactly what Obama's critics have been saying.

“Are others saying that behind the scenes?” Van Susteren asked, now pushing the angle that a) Wright is a bigger deal than has been perceived and b) that Obama has less cred with his fellow Democrats than people think.

Mark complied cheerfully. “Oh, certainly... A lot of Democrats probably feel this way but it doesn't help them to say it publicly.”

Van Susteren also went out of her way to take Nadler's criticisms to a higher (or lower) level. She said, “(Nadler) said he doesn't have political courage. Does that mean that he doesn't have courage in standing up to other countries or in making hard decisions?”

Then, asserting that Nadler's remarks were one of the worst political blows for a candidate, she added, “Imagine that floating around Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida.” I'm sure it wasn't too hard for her to do so.

Mark said, “Well, if he loses Florida by a small margin or any of these states, he might point to this episode.”

Van Susteren pushed it further. “Do you know if it's being run around Pennsylvania that Nadler, a supporter, is saying he lacks political courage because he didn't walk out on Jeremiah Wright? Is that making its rounds or is it too late in the election cycle?”

It was too late, Mark thought. He said he didn't think that Jeremiah Wright was going to make a difference at this point.

“It isn't so much Jeremiah Wright,” Van Susteren claimed (Yeah, right!). “It's that someone on his team says he does not have political courage. I mean, that's the sort of – and if you're undecided sitting out there in Ohio or Pennsylvania tonight, looking for a reason not to vote for a candidate or to vote for one, I would think that would be something that would be distressing.”

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Van Susteren is pushing this issue just as the Pennsylvania GOP has started an ad blitz about Wright.