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McCain campaign won’t go on the O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Chrish - November 4, 2008 -

Guest blogged by Alexis

In last night's Talking Points Memo (11/3) poor Bill O’Reilly is hurt that McCain and Sarah Palin won’t come on his show. He even went so far as too embarrassingly explain how he was about to meet them in Hershey, PA on very short notice, but because of a major monsoon that hit New York flights were canceled and it just couldn’t be done. He of course then said how much it would have helped them to come on the show because so many of McCain’s potential voters watch the show. He added that Sarah Palin was considering an interview and then the campaign killed it. Obviously the McCain campaign felt like an interview on the “Factor” would hurt them more than help them. Sorry O’Reilly.

It’s amazing that FOX proclaims themselves fair and balanced when hosts like O'Reilly blatantly point out that they have a right wing point of view and want to help further Republican agendas. In O’Reilly’s warped view of the media he actually feels that the right wing view is the “fair and balanced view” and liberals are the ones taking over the media and lending bias. At the end of these “talking points” he actually accuses Obama of having so much money that the media is in his pocket… Why?… because he happened to make history with millions of people sending in small donations to support the campaign? It’s not like Obama did anything dishonest; he just happened to come out on top because people finally felt like they could contribute to something in their own little way and make it matter.

O’Reilly revels in being a Republican icon on a news channel that prides itself on its well known motto of being a ‘balanced’ news organization. Unfortunately for him, he was rejected by the very people that he reveres.

Guest blogged by Alexis