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FOX's last desperate attempts to sway voters to McCain

Reported by Chrish - November 4, 2008 -

The couch 'tators at FOX and Friends all decked out in Republican red this Election Day 11/4/08 in a not so subtle homage to John McCain and "red" voters. They continued to cheerlead for John McCain and to tell viewers about how he could still pull of a victory today, polls be damned.

To my surprise, Gretchen Carlson bothered to bring up Barack Obama's matter-of-fact statement from January of this year that coal companies who don't comply with future cap-and-trade regulations (which are supported by John McCain also) will find themselves bankrupt because of taxes that will be levied on polluters. Yesterday the right-wing, with the help of the FOX megaphone, tried to turn this into an "Obama will take your jobs, escalate energy costs, and devastate the economy" hysteria, but alas for them, nobody's buying it except the already brainwashed. It's surprising that they are still pursuing this silly story.

Steve Doocy insinuated (echoing Sarah Palin) that there was a conspiracy to cover up this "story," despite the fact that it is well-known since yesterday that the interview and story have been available at SFGate.com since January. Too bad there are no real newsmen at FOX; they could have dropped this "bombshell" earlier. Doocy and Mike Carey, president of the OH Coal Association, discussed how an earlier exposure of the public facts might have influenced voters WV, OH, PA, VA and CO - all, coincidentally, swing states where McCain is still holding out hope. The chyron read "Obama to bankrupt coal?"

McCain, who supports the same policy, told a rally that he's "not going to let [the coal industry] go bankrupt!" He's not going to let coal workers lose their jobs and he's not going to let energy prices increase any more for our families!

What's important to the Friends, however, is whether coal workers were already in McCain's camp, and whether or not the faux news managed to sway any voters away from Obama - which is, after all, the goal at FOX News.