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Neil Cavuto and Carl Cameron Cover For the Small Crowds John McCain's Drawing

Reported by Melanie - November 3, 2008 -

This morning (November 3, 2008) on "America's Newsroom," Carl Cameron, who's traveling with the McCain campaign, filed a live report from Tampa, Florida as he waited for McCain to take the stage there. In it he enthusiastically reported that at a midnight rally in Miami last night, McCain drew "more than 10,000 people" (Clinton and Obama drew 50,000 in Orlando just over a week ago).

Moving on to talk about the Tampa crowd, Cameron said "it's a small crowd," only "about a thousand," and "I can tell ya it looks like it was set up with a perimeter and all for about ten times" more people. Here's video.

Fast forward about five hours to Your World w/Neil Cavuto. After an opening segment featuring Tom Bevan from RealClearPolitics about McCain stumping in Indiana, how he might win there and what that would say about the rest of the country, Cavuto introduced Cameron who by 4:05 p.m. this afternoon was in Indianapolis with McCain: "Thank you very much Tom. We'll see what happens mañana. In the meantime, forget polls. Can we gauge anything from the crowds that the candidates are pulling in? [Implying, of course, that McCain's crowds are huge.] Carl Cameron in Indiana following Senator McCain on his seven state tour."

Ignoring the measly crowd in Tampa this morning (natch), Cameron went into full spin mode, making excuses for the pitiful turnout: "Well Neil, crowds are some kind of a barometer but they're certainly only one of many and in the case of McCain versus Obama it's worth noting that Senator Obama spends millions of dollars building huge, huge rallies, recruiting crowds in the tens of thousands and Senator McCain's aides make a point of saying they don't do that." Then he looked over his shoulder and said, "It's a reasonable crowd."

Comment: Fox is doing everything it possibly can to help ol' John out.