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More evidence that Bill O'Reilly is delusional

Reported by Chrish - November 3, 2008 -

When your analysis all comes from hardcore right-wing partisans, how, HOW, do you call yourself Independent or fairandbalanced? I was looking for outrageous quotes from the master (with Deborah out of commission, we don't want to let the big BOR completely off the hook) and came across an item that made me laugh out loud.

Have you seen the latest poll at Bill O'Reilly's page at the FOX News website? LMAO, fairandbalanced.

Here's it is:

Q.Who offers the best political analysis?


Karl Rove

Dick Morris

Newt Gingrich

Dennis Miller

Add to that his regular line-up of guest hosts - currently Laura Ingraham, and in the past Michelle Malkin, John Kasich, Tony Snow, and other reliable "conservatives" - and we see Bill's true identity - someone afraid of offending his viewership with even an hour of fairness or balance.