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Fox Guest Says Obama Uses the Constitution "as a Piece of Toilet Paper"

Reported by Melanie - November 3, 2008 -

Remember "Ragin' Ron?" His real name is Ron Weisflog. He's the guy who stood up at a McCain rally in early October and said, "I'm mad. I'm really mad." Well, he made a second appearance on Your World today (here's the first) and said something false and utterly outrageous about Barack Obama. Undoubtedly Fox was pleased though. They must have been hoping for something like this insofar as they booked him:

"When he's sayin' he's against the Constitution, which he's gonna be supposed to represent and stand behind; Democracy starts with the Constitution. When you use it as a piece of toilet paper, you got a problem."

Cavuto's reaction? "Alright. We'll watch it closely. Ron, thank you very much."

Comment: This pretty much encapsulates the overall theme of Your World today.

P.S. Obviously "Ragin' Ron" hasn't been paying much attention to what the Bush administration has been doing over the last eight years.

(November 3, 2008)