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FOX and Friends non-stop Obama bashing day before election

Reported by Chrish - November 3, 2008 -

FOX News is a mass of contradictions this morning 11/3/08, telling viewers not to trust the polls (that show Barack Obama with a commanding lead over John McCain) even as their banners read "It's not over yet - polls tightening!" and "Polls show tight race in final days." So, only believe selectively - only that which confirms your most fervent wishes.

FOX and Friends are hanging their last best hopes on the poll from Investors Business Daily, who claims to have had the most accurate prediction in 2004. IBD says the race is close, and Gretchen Carlson claimed there are as many as 9-10% still undecided, contrary to an averaging of polls that shows less than 6% have not declared. But the perception of a large number of "undecideds" leaves the door open for a McCain hat-trick. Now that's a poll they can believe in!

From what I gleaned - and I confess to not being studious, just letting it all wash over me like one big wave - most guests were on FOX and Friends to cheerlead McCain, assure voters there's still a chance for him, and to warn of the dire consequences and gloomy future should Obama win tomorrow. They are warming up to the trusted old victimhood roles, bleating about the unfair mainstream media and preparing to be uncooperative and critical again, after eight years of grinning, gloating yes-man-ism.

Here's a quick rundown of FOX and Friends' guests this last morning before Election Day:

Michael Barone, conservative writer with US News and World Report, appeared to talk down the polls and said essentially that people could get to the polls and not "remember" who the heck Obama is, so they'll vote for McCain. (Let's hope the most egregiously uninformed, ignorant McCain leaners just stay home - how awful if dopes like that decide the future of the country!) Barone talked about Jeremiah Wright and the effect he could have had on the race; the RNC is currently running an ad despite McCain's wishes and F&F ran it - free - for them.
Chyron: "Still in the race - McCain could pull ahead in final day."

Mitt Romney goes over coal plant taxes comments from January, which were thoroughly mischaracterized all morning (more on that in a later post) and uses distortions
to accuse Obama of job-killing plan. Using different polls that compare favorably to inside-the-campaign numbers he predicts McCain will surprise everyone and win.

Geraldine Ferraro and Rich Lowry appeared together on the couch with the Friends (4:1, fairandbalanced-style). The discussion and focus remained on undecideds and the "coal comment" which will not play well in Appalachia.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) appeared to rebut the coal comments controversey, noting repeatedly that John McCain and Barack Obama support the same cap-and-trade policies. The chyron read "Coal killing plan - Obama promises to bankrupt industry." She was also asked to clarify seemingly changing numbers related to the Obama tax plan, with challenges and interruptions from Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade.

She was immediately followed by Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) , who was invited to "correct" McCaskill and bash Obama's tax plans - which he did with enthusiasm and no small amount of distortion of his own.

This graphic appeared,


and rather than note that McCain will keep the SAME tax rates and structure as Bush but with increased breaks for corporations and the very wealthy (estate taxes only apply on accumulated wealth above $2,000,000, going up to $3.5 million for an individual next year), they framed it instead as Obama taxing the "most successful people in America."

Stephen Moore of Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal appeared to bash Obama's tax plan, and the Friends repeated the lie that 40% of people receiving Obama's tax cuts pay no taxes and in effect will be receiving a handout, or as they call it, "welfare." Doocy and Moore continued the "Obama wants to bankrupt big coal" in the hopes that voters in Ohio, PA, WV and KY are listening and will, as a result, swing those states to McCain. Unfortunately for them, there are only about 80,000 coal workers total because of new efficiencies in mining and those numbers won't help their cause.

Peter Johnson Jr., who exposed his own partisan colors for once and for all last week as a guest host on F&F, appeared to discuss the various ways that voters could commit voter fraud - although there have been virtually no instances of voter fraud documented. Long lines and maybe even litigation should be expected. Viewers are invited to email instances of Voter Fraud to a special email address at FOXNews.com - sure, they'll investigate fairandbalanced, lol. Of course their sheep will comply and we'll hear all about it, from an anti-Obama pro-McCain point of view, Wednesday morning.

Karl Rove was on a bit later ostensibly to analyze the current electoral vote projections (per his own site). But the Rove we all know and loathe soon overtook the pretend objective, unbiased analyst and he too bashed Obama. He called Obama the "pseudo-incumbent," trying to taint him with Dr. Rove's personal monster creation, and says that Obama doesn't understand how the economy works - even though it is McCain who has repeatedly owned up to economic ignorance.

Shortly after Rove, John Bolton appeared to tell viewers how terrifying an Obama win would be - this "new and untested" president will be tested. Didn't Joe Biden just catch three days of crap for saying the same thing??? He threw out a series of straw men and hypothetical scenarios.

Next we had Joe (wink, wink) the Plumber (wink, wink) who was told moments before appearing that a radio host had made a death threat against him. (While I strongly disapprove of what he said, I didn't see it as a threat: when JTP was invoked in a McCain ad, the host yelled invectives and said "I want JTMFP dead!" in the background. I think he was just saying he's sick to death of this yahoo getting so much weight and importance. Molehill = mountain, even though someone at a Palin rally yelling "kill him!" about Obama got downplayed.) He of course turned the lone instance into "what kind of people are following Obama" and bemoaned that his background was looked into after McCain brought him up 25 times at the debate. Plus, nobody's payin' him nuthin; he's just doing his civic duty. (We can SO relate!) He's starting a website and a charity to help people, American dream, freedom, blah blah blah - it's people serving people that matters, not the government. Hey, it sounds like he's getting into community organizing. Yet another irony-blind dullard American voting against his own best interests.

Next up was Michelle Malkin, whose voice will never again enter my ears after tomorrow - maybe sooner. She joined the distortathon about Obama and cap-and-trade, insisting that his plan will stop innovation and cost jobs, calling his plans "monstrous" and "fantasyland."

"If you happen to work in a coal mine or know someone who does - and that's millions of people" said Gretchen Carlson, "will they change their minds?" in time to swing the states to McCain? As noted above, the entire coal industry employs about 80,000 total; where she got her numbers is unknown. (Though a wild-assed guess would be par for F&F journalistic "standards.")

Last but not least was recently humiliated Lawrence Eagleburger, who was reined in with a sharp yank after he said Palin was not qualified to be vice-president. He asserted that Obama is not suited to lead, and any US deaths that occur during a phased withdrawal will be Obama's fault. He's called Obama a "con-man," a charlatan and a swindler, admitting that he knows it's a terrible thing to say but... he accuses that Obama is buying the election with money no one can trace, and he's "unleashed ACORN" to assure that if he doesn't succeed at buying the election, it will be stolen for him.

So, two straight hours of smearing Obama and planting seeds of hope for another Republican theft "win," with attacks on his character, his tax plans, his foreign policy mettle, job creation plans, his millions of supporters all smeared with the broad brush of on lone radio-jock saying something stupid, assaults on his environmental and energy policies.

I simply can't take much more of this fair and balanced reporting - I'm going to kill my television.