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Bill O’Reilly’s CBS Interview - More Lies, Delusions, Self-Aggrandizement, And All Around Bloviation

Reported by Priscilla - November 3, 2008 -

As Chrish noted in today’s thread, we can’t let Bill O’Reilly “off the hook.” With that in mind, I will summarize and provide you with the video of the recent CBS Sunday Morning profile of America’s daddy – one in which he, I think, hoists himself by his own petard (or is it loofah!). It’s classic O’Reilly; as during the course of the interview, we get to hear him unctuously describe himself as a humble spokesman for the common man in terms that just underscore his gargantuan ego and denial of reality. You also get to see clips of Bill when he was a (hate to admit it) handsome reporter. Times, though, have changed!

In showing a few vintage film clips (Bill losing it with Jeremy Glick and Barney Frank among others), CBS’s Harry Smith joked that “when reason fails, rage wins.” (how true!) O’Reilly then commented that “people who hate me the most are people who never watch my show…but they never sample and once they do they go this guy is no ideologue. He’s holding them all accountable.” (Comment: “no ideologue" - surely he jests!) In describing O’Reilly’s TV popularity, Smith references O’Reilly’s reason for this being that “he’s just like them.” (Comment: I shudder to think…). Smith then uses O'Reilly's new autobiography as a launching point for Bill to say that his story is “an American story” where “only in America would a kid from Levittown” achieve his level of success. He described his neighborhood as “tough.” (Comment: whoa, hold the presses, we have a moment of untruthiness. As noted by Al Franken and a number of other sources, this isn’t really true as Bill grew up in the middle class Levittown neighborhood of Westbury which later became its own town.)

After Smith played a Keith Olbmerann “worst person” segment in which O’Reilly was “honored,” O’Reilly responded that he “ignores those guttersnipes because they’re just in it to hurt people.” (Comment: and Shawn Hornbeck’s parents weren’t hurt when you claimed that Shawn enjoyed his captivity? How about when you called Arianna Huffington, whose Greek parents were part of the resistance, a Nazi?) O’Reilly asserted that “the manner of discourse bothers me.” (Comment: Like when you cut Lis Wiehl’s mic because she disagreed with you!) O’Reilly then ventured into the Twilight Zone when he claimed that his views, which make him a “target,” necessitate bodyguards and a “phalanx of state troopers” when he does book signings. (Comment: meanwhile O’Reilly sent his goons to ambush Rosie O’Donnell at one of her book signings).

To Smith’s question of what makes him “so successful,” O’Reilly said that “I’m one of them. I get to look out for the folks. They know that I’m sincerely on their side and not some phony. Why wouldn’t you watch a guy like that?”

Comment: Why, indeed!!!!!!

Thanks to Media Bistro for the video