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Latest FOX Smears: Obama, The Stingy, Illegal-Alien Abetter and Welfare King, Will Probably Cause An "Unbelievable Depression"

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2008 -

FOX News put aside (temporarily, I'm sure) their fixation on Barack Obama's “radical associations” during last night's (11/1/08) special Hannity & Colmes. Instead, the new attack memes against Obama are his desire (undetectable to all but the insightful eyes on FOX News) to rob the rich and bankrupt the country. Oh, and he's a stingy, illegal-alien abetter, too. With video.

In Part 1 of a two-part discussion with pundit and tax evader Dick Morris, he and Sean Hannity tried to make the most of a news report that Obama's Kenyan aunt (from the side of his family he barely knows) is living in poverty and is in the country illegally.

“He's only generous with our money,” Hannity said. Hannity is now earning well over $20 million a year yet he keeps obsessing over the possibility that an Obama administration might push his tax rate back to Clinton administration levels.

Morris replied, “(Obama's) entirely consistent. He wants us to live in poverty, too."

Multimillionaire Hannity, who would surely still earn a healthy living under Obama, laughed heartily.

Morris went on to complain that Obama only gave out about 3-5% of his income to charity. (Neither he nor Hannity revealed how much money THEY give to charity). Morris added, “I just think that, you know, it's the classical thing: Let's use your money.”

Earlier, Hannity had said, “We all forget that Barack Obama supported the rights of illegal immigrants to get legal driver's licenses.”

Just in case that wasn't enough fear and hate mongering, Morris mentioned that the 9/11 hijackers had gotten driver's licenses. However, all the hijackers entered the US legally, though several used fraudulent means to obtain their licenses. In short, it was nothing but more smear-mongering to connect Obama's plan to issue licenses to undocumented residents and the 9/11 attacks.

But Hannity, who lives nowhere near a border state yet nonetheless lives in fear of illegal immigration, never corrected the record.

In Part 2, the Obama-bashing continued, as it seems to on every show, with the only let up coming for a segment promoting McCain, Palin or the “tightening” of the polls.

Hannity complained again about some of his dough going to the poor. “The new definition of patriotism and virtue is to give 60 or 70% of your income so that (Obama) can distribute checks to 40% of the population that pay no money in income taxes.” I don't know what tax bracket Hannity would be in under an Obama adminisration but I sure as hell know that most Americans would not be paying even 60% of their income in taxes. But Hannity makes it sound as though all working families will get hit up in order to support welfare queens or illegal immigrants. The truth is, as Politifact points out, that more than 90% of working families will get a tax cut. “Poor” Hannity, in with the other 10%, is trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes so that they'll think they're all in the same boat he is.

Morris, however, came up with a new scare tactic. He said, “I think that there is a significant risk that if Obama wins, and he raises the capital gains tax, and he raises the income tax, you are going to trigger an unbelievable depression."

WIth 72 hours before the polls close, I can't wait to catch the rest of FOX News' campaign coverage.