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You Know They're Desperate When They Lie About Little Stuff Like This

Reported by Melanie - October 31, 2008 -

Fox went live to Sarah Palin speaking in York, Pennsylvania this afternoon (October 31, 2008) during Your World w/Neil Cavuto. (They went live to her yesterday too. Can't remember when I last saw Barack Obama or Joe Biden live on Fox.)

After airing Palin's speech for seven minutes, Fox returned to the studio and substitute host Stuart Varney, who spent the first half hour of the show trashing Obama's tax policy, added a little "fair and balanced" embellishment to what we had just seen:

"That's Governor Palin. She's speaking, I believe, without a teleprompter. Notes, but no prompter, offering a spirited campaign performance. Indeed, our correspondents on the ground suggest that she has been energized in the half dozen speeches she's making today in Pennsylvania. Governor Palin."

Comment: This morning I happened to see a schedule of all the candidates' campaign stops and I knew Palin had only two, not a "half dozen."

Here is a screenshot I grabbed from this page on John McCain's website:


As you can see, Palin was in Latrobe, PA and York, PA today. Hardly a "half dozen" stops.

Again, you know they've been driven insane by desperation when they feel they have to lie about minutia like this.