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Will Obama End Freedom of Speech as we Know it?

Reported by Melanie - October 31, 2008 -

Or, the Dallas Morning News Calls Fox, et al., Liars

Stuart Varney was the substitute host today (October 31, 2008) on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. In one of the segments in what has morphed into an hour-long Obama smear-feast, Varney implied that the Obama campaign kicked reporters from three newspapers off its campaign plane because their editorial boards endorsed McCain. (I haven't heard a word on this show about the reporters McCain has kicked off his plane - here and here.) Unfortunately for Fox, the interview didn't go quite as planned.


Varney introduced his guest, Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News with this: "Kicked off the Obama plane. Reporters from three newspapers are getting the boot just days before Election Day by the Obama campaign. Those papers are the New York Post, the Washington Times and the Dallas Morning News. The Obama campaign says it simply doesn't have enough room on the plane to meet demand. But, considering all three papers have endorsed McCain, is something more sinister going on here? Reaction now from Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News who was just given the boot from the plane."

After several seconds of opening banter Varney asked, "You think flat out you were kicked off the plane because your newspaper endorsed the opposition?" (Don't you love that? The "opposition?")

Slater: "Stuart, I have no evidence of that. We were not told that. We don't believe that. We know that we did endorse John McCain. Ah, in fact, I think it's entirely possible that there simply wasn't enough room. ... I really don't think this was a function of the endorsement. I think this was a function of their decision to have a mix in the final days of this campaign which worked more to their advantage - more network people, more outreach, ah, possibly some other folks."

Here's video:

Oops. Though this short segment didn't go as planned, Fox managed to push a lot of buttons: They'll repeal the Fairness Doctrine; the First Amendment restricts the freedom of speech of kings and queens (wah, wah); will Obama govern like a Socialist Commie dictator?; he hates America, and freedom of speech is out the window. When you don't report the sleaze that the Republicans are doing and have done, you can get away with dumping on "the opposition" like this.

Update: "No Evidence Reporter Booted Over Endorsement."