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FOX News becoming one long McCain-Palin campaign commercial

Reported by Chrish - October 31, 2008 -

I flipped on FOX when I woke up to see what's new and was greeted by the sound of a tablesaw. I must still be dreaming! Oh wait, it's Sarah Palin. There she was, with Tom Ridge and her three youngest, Trig in a Dumbo costume in Willow's arms and Piper as a "snow angel." Ugh. I turned the teevee off.

Updates below.

A little while later I got to the kitchen and started cooking for the monster bash tonight and flipped on that teevee. No news, just Rudy Giuliani, decked out as a respectable businessman. He introduced John McCain, with Cindy over his shoulder as Heiress Barbie and an audience apparently made up of school children once again. FOX aired the entire speech from start to finish.

Who needs an advertising budget, fundraising, and expensive ad buys when you have your own "news" channel?

I'll be watching (sigh) for the Obama and Biden speeches.

Update: Show's over, no Obama or Biden. Megyn Kelly just announced she'll be interviewing Sarah Palin Sunday and that interview will be aired in full Monday morning.

On Happening Now, the Jane Skinner/Jon Scott hour following the Hemmer/Kelly duo, Molly Hennenberg is reporting from the empty gymnasium where McCain spoke earlier and they are airing soundbites and talking about how McCain can still pull it off.

Oops, I just saw a flash - literally - of video of Barack and Michelle Obama in Iowa. The crowd awaits.

Update 2: Had to run out to the store for twenty minutes so might have missed Obama? But guess who's live on FOX as I walk in the door - John McCain. If I was a random watcher I would think, what a coincidence - every time I look at FOX they're featuring the Republican candidate!

Update 3: Joined Barack Obama in progress; the crowd is hu-u-u-uge. And they look to be of voting age! Uh-oh, had to cut him off as FOX's next cute couple comes on The Live Desk. Top story? discussing polls. Major Garrett, who is covering the Obama campaign, is chatting with the "anchors" as Obama can be heard speaking and the crowd listening in the background.