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Ann Coulter's Ludicrous Defense Of McCain's Grant To Khalidi

Reported by Ellen - October 31, 2008 -

Ann “Boombox” Coulter joined the Obama/Khalidi smearathon for a double segment on last night's (10/30/08) Hannity & Colmes. No word about her history of voter fraud, of course. But there was lots of time for her special brand of invective aimed at Barack Obama and his so-called radical association with professor Rashid Khalidi. But she was stopped in her tracks when Alan Colmes brought up John McCain's funding of Khalidi's work. Unable to come up with a defense of McCain, Coulter had to concede that not everything Khalidi does is bad. With video.

It's worth noting that despite the relentless discussions about Obama's ties to Khalidi, it's always Colmes, not “fair and balanced” FOX News who brings up the fact that McCain helped fund Khalidi's work in the amount of about half a million dollars.

Colmes asked Coulter, “Ann, if, if Khalidi is such a big problem, doesn't John McCain have a problem about his group that he headed - funded Khalidi's group to the tune of $448,000-plus dollars? John McCain gave this guy a grant to do his work. Isn't it a problem for John McCain?”

Coulter first tried to argue that McCain's relationship to Khalidi was “much more distant” than Obama's. But she soon shifted focus and insisted that the work McCain funded was deserving. “What was the work?” Coulter rhetorically asked with her customary flourish. “It was, um, for the Palestinians to have an election. To promote democracy.”

From what I can gather, the grant was for research and conducting opinion polls.

As Colmes began speaking to the other guest, Coulter added, “I am not saying that every thing (Khalidi) does, that every single thing he does in every part of his life is wrong.”

Colmes said, “Let's dissect that.”

Coulter said, “But what Obama was praising him for, yes, that's not good.” Actually, what Obama praised Khalidi for was challenging his thinking.

“All Obama did was know the guy, have dinner with him and talk with him,” Colmes noted.

Coulter squealed. “He ate dinner at a dinner table! John McCain belonged to an association that gave money to an association that this guy had!”

“You know, you're really parsing here,” Colmes said.

Colmes turned to the other guest, “Democrat” Pat Caddell, who can be relied upon to speak against Democrats and support Republican talking points. He did just that in this segment.

Caddell said, “The fact of the matter is (McCain giving Khalidi's organization $400,000) ought to be an issue.”

Colmes replied, “So then let's make it an issue.”

But, not surprisingly to anyone familiar with Caddell, he changed the subject in order to go back to the Obama-bashing script, this time by attacking the Los Angeles Times for not releasing the transcript of what happened at a dinner for Khalidi that Obama attended.

“Alright, but you gloss over the McCain part,” Colmes pointed out. “You're glossing over the McCain part here because you want to go after Obama.”

Caddell denied that. “Oh, no! I'm saying I think (McCain) could be a serious problem.” But then moments later, Caddell said, “All I'm saying is I think this is going to hurt Obama with the Jewish vote. In Florida, particularly, I think it's going to be a problem.”

Not so far it isn't.

By the way, is it just me or do Coulter's words seem slurred?

You can watch the entire segment (if you have the stomach for it) on FOXNews.com.

You can contact Coulter at tom@anncoulter.org.