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After Railing Against Obama, Hannity Refuses To Denounce His Own Radical Association With A Bigoted Anti-Semite

Reported by Ellen - October 31, 2008 -

During yet another Sean Hannity rant against Barack Obama for "not distancing himself" from "radical associations," Juan Williams finally gave Hannity the talking-to he deserved. Williams pointed to Hannity's own radical association with an anti-Semite, presumably Andy Martin, a recent guest on Hannity's America. But rather than denounce Martin, which FOX News has done, Hannity identified Rev. Jeremiah Wright as the anti-Semite on his show. With video.

As Media Matters has reported, FOX News has expressed regret for having booked Andy Martin, who has a history of anti-Semitic and bigoted statements, as a guest on a recent Hannity's America. On that show, Martin made what Sean Hannity called "the explosive claim that Obama's role as a community organizer was a political staging ground perpetuated by the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers."

But Hannity has not expressed similar regret about Martin, at least not on FOX News. Hannity was given a golden opportunity to do so on last night's (10/30/08) Hannity & Colmes and yet he still refused to do what he was demanding of Barack Obama.

After Hannity railed about Obama's "radical associates" and "terrible judgment" about his associations, Williams responded, “I gotta tell you something. I defend you, Sean, all the time... People say to me, 'Hey, what's your pal Sean doing having an anti-Semite on his show?'”

Hannity interrupted. “You mean Jeremiah Wright?”

I'm sure Hannity knew darned well whom Williams meant. And, for those of you who are not regular readers of this blog, Martin is not the only anti-Semitic bigot Hannity has refused to own up to. He still has not acknowledged, much less publicly apologized for, his long-term association with a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist.

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