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Poor, Persecuted, Palin Theme Is Reinforced By Brent Bozell's Media Research Center – Quelle Surprise!

Reported by Priscilla - October 30, 2008 -

One of the top right wing propaganda whines is that the Republican ticket is being treated badly by the meanies in the evil, “liberal media.” Hume’s lead off item, on last night’s (October 29th) “Grapevine,” contained statistics which, according to culture warrior Brent Bozell’s “think tank,” “show that found the three major broadcast networks were overwhelmingly negative in their coverage of Sarah Palin during a two-week period in late September and early October” The chyron read, “taking aim.”Yes, the same group (Media Research Center) whose chief crusader (Bozell) just wrote a column whining about how (Fox’s) Family Guy ridicules Jesus and Mel Gibson, has numbers that supposedly show that Sarah Palin isn’t getting fair and balanced treatment. But as with so much of what flushes forth from the orifices of the right wing, the reality doesn’t quite square with the propaganda.

According to the MRC, “ABC, NBC and CBS ran a total of 69 stories on Palin. Two were deemed positive, 37 negative and 30 neutral. None of the evening news shows ran a positive story about Palin. Twenty-one stories portrayed Palin as unintelligent and unqualified, 14 characterized her as John McCain's attack dog and nine emphasized attacks on Palin by conservatives.” (Comment: so what part of that isn’t true, Bozell?) But the reality based Project For Excellence In Journalism, in a just released study, found that “NBC's coverage of [Gov. Sarah] Palin was the most positive of any TV organization studied, including Fox." The PEJ also found that "ABC's World News, the CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News stood out for being more neutral-and also less negative-than most other news outlets." And despite Megyn Kelly’s crazed rant that a study has found Fox News to be the most fair and balanced, the PEJ study found that “On Fox News, in contrast, coverage of Obama was more negative than the norm (40% of stories vs. 29% overall) and less positive (25% of stories vs. 36% generally).

Comment: No surprise that Fox News would be quoting from a conservative organization. (And it is ironic that one of the conservatives “attacking” Palin is Bozell’s cousin, Christopher Buckely, who was fired from the National Review for his seditious support of Barack Obama.) But once again, the whole story wasn’t told as that would have detracted from the propaganda point that Palin is being pilloried. Palin’s treatment pales in comparison with Fox’s nightly slanders against Barack Obama. Poor Palin. All I can say is boo-freaking-hoo!