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Hannity Has A Hissy Fit Over LA Times' "Suppressed Video"

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2008 -

In concert with the John McCain campaign, Hannity & Colmes (along with other shows on FOX News) continues to make a big deal out of demanding that the Los Angeles Times release a tape of Barack Obama attending a dinner for Palestinian advocate and scholar Rashid Khalidi. The Times issued a statement saying it promised its confidential source it would not release the tape. But that did not stop "Great American" Sean Hannity from having a hissy fit last night (10/29/08) that included baseless accusations that The Times is lying. With video.

Alan Colmes began his portion of the segment by noting that McCain ran an organization that gave more than $448,000 to Khalidi's organizations. “Isn't McCain culpable here?” Colmes asked.

Steele replied, “Alan, I'm not even gonna go there. That's just a diversion.” Sure it is. It's a diversion from the Obama-bashing script.

Steele later said, “If (McCain) was associated with someone like this, you guys would be jumping out of your skin on the left. The Washington Post, The New York Times, The L.A. Times would be apoplectic.”

But Colmes had just pointed out that McCain WAS associated with “someone like this” and there was no apoplexy on the left nor in the so-called liberal media.

And since they're so concerned with videos showing "radical associations" of the candidates, when did “fair and balanced” FOX News ever air the video of Sarah Palin's address to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party convention? When did they ever air the video of AIP founder Joe Vogler talking about his hatred for America? When did they air the video of Palin thanking her witch doctor?

I watch an awful lot of FOX News and I don't believe I've ever seen any of them on FOX News.