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FOX hints that Obama may not qualify for highest security clearance

Reported by Chrish - October 30, 2008 -

Daniel Pipes, yet another right-winger, was brought in to discuss with FOXnFriends this morning 10/20/08 whether or not Barack Obama would be able to get an FBI or CIA security clearance if he ever chose to apply - intended, of course, to make viewers wonder about his eligibility to be C-i-C and have access to all American intelligence. Pipes thinks he couldn't get one, based on some anecdotal guy with a French girlfriend, but admits at the very end that he hasn't a clue. It's just another angle for smearing Obama.
With video.

Pipes' main talking point was that Obama has "this plethora of strong associations with radical, subversive, anti-American" types, so would not be granted security clearance to work for one of the intelligence agencies. "His outlook, his reliability, where his loyalties lie" are what Pipes thinks would be of concern, not his past pot-smoking. But, he's "not in the business of clearing people" so he really doesn't know. But damn, that was some hefty smearing they got in anyway!