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Coincidence? I Think Not

Reported by Melanie - October 30, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto aired six minutes of Sarah Palin - live - on the stump today (October 30, 2008) immediately after having spent almost half an hour insinuating that Barack Obama's tax plan is so wishy-washy that you, yes YOU - those making as little as $45,000 - might end up with a big, big tax hike.

Meanwhile, Palin just happened (wink, wink), yes just happened to say this during the part of her speech Cavuto aired after all his anti-Obama propagandizing:

"We will balance the federal budget by the end of our first term. Yes. And we'll lower your income taxes. We'll double the child tax deduction for every family. We'll cut the capital gains tax. We will bring relief to every American and every business. ... When it comes to the economy, our tax plan reflects the clear choice that you face in this election. John and I, we have just a very basic and fundamental disagreement with our opponents on this issue of taxes. Senator Obama has an ideological commitment to higher taxes."

I contend that Fox "News" and the Palin campaign orchestrated this bit of , ahem, "news."