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Bernard Goldberg Can't Defend McCain's “Radical Association” With Rashid Khalidi

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2008 -

In yet another discussion on last night's (10/29/08) Hannity & Colmes about the “suppressed” Los Angeles Times video of Barack Obama attending a dinner for Palestinian advocate and scholar Rashid Khalidi, conservative Bernard Goldberg refused to answer Alan Colmes' question, “How can you blame Obama for having dinner with the guy when McCain gave the guy (via a grant) hundreds of thousands of dollars?” Goldberg dodged by saying that he was there to discuss “media issues.” But later in the same segment, Goldberg was happy to stray from that subject in order to nod enthusiastically and agree with Sean Hannity's attacks on Obama. With video.

And speaking of videos showing radical associations, it has been more than three weeks since Hannity hosted Andy Martin, who has a history of anti-Semitic and bigoted remarks, as a Barack Obama expert on Hannity's America. Hannity has yet to offer either an apology or express regret on the air for using a guest that FOX News vice president Bill Shine now ackowledges was a mistake. And here's a video of Hannity caught contradicting himself over his past association with a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist. We've suggested Hannity provide audio proving that he rejected the racist rants on the air, as he claims, rather than welcome them, as The Nation has documented. So far, nothing.