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Van Susteren Throws Stones At The Media From Her Glass House At FOX News

Reported by Ellen - October 29, 2008 -

On Friday Oct 24th, Greta Van Susteren, of FOX News' On The Record, posted an article on FOXNews.com entitled, Former Newsweek Reporter? Huh? (Lucky Newsweek...ugh). In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, Van Susteren complains that a Newsweek reporter has admitted he was biased against Rudy Giuliani. Funny, but we don't recall any similar outrage from Van Susteren when FOX News reporter Carl Cameron was caught on film bragging to George W. Bush about his (Cameron's) wife campaigning for Bush.

Guest blogged by Dan

Van Susteren's article purports to review an article in GQ Magazine by Michael Hastings entitled Hack: Confessions of a presidential Campaign Reporter in which Hastings, in his assignment as a Presidential Campaign Reporter realizes how far from the truth is Ted White's quote from the Making of the President 1960: "The Press-whose reporting at every level of American Politics purifies, protects, and refreshes our system from year to year." Mr. Hastings chronicles his time with Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton and their campaigns and in ten pages has precious little good to say about any of them. He recounts several stories, some even clean, about each campaign; but after almost a year on the road Hastings realizes he is just another hack writer and quits.

Van Susteren's article includes the showcased comment, "Can you believe this? Read Below... I am speechless... this is so bizarre...delusional?" That's followed by the headline, "Former Newsweek Reporter Admits Dreaming About Taking Our Giuliani" and a sub-headline, "A former Newsweek reporter who followed Rudy Giuliani around during the Republican presidential primary campaign admits he has no objectivity and wanted Giuliani off the trail." The rest of the article consists of 9 one or two sentence paragraphs; hardly time to give serious consideration to Mr. Hastings' article.

But of the nine "paragraphs" the last two are on a different subject entirely. New Orleans Times-Picayune Reporter Chris Rose's comment that faced with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, there was no pretending to be objective in reporting.

Van Susteren seems shocked and speechless that a reporter might not be objective in covering a story. Where was her shock about Cameron? Where is her shock about the stream of GOP bias at her own network that News Hounds documents every day? And what about her own reporting about Natalee Holloway's disappearance? Van Susteren spent months casting suspicion on those whom she considered suspects while maintaining constant sympathy for Holloway's family. They deserved it, of course, but as a reporter, shouldn't Van Susteren have asked why, e.g., the 16 year-old Holloway sneaked out of her hotel room in order to go drinking after hours with two guys she didn't know? Maybe we missed it but we never saw that question asked. If Rose should keep his sympathy for New Orleans victims out of his reporting, than why shouldn't Van Susteren have kept hers for the Holloways under wraps?

Van Susteren suggests that Mr. Hastings was out to get either Mayor Giuliani or Sen. McCain. But as Hastings writes, his material was for use in a post-election issue or book. None of his material ever saw print in Newsweek. Compare that to the GOP cheerleading/Obama bashing going on right now at FOX News, in the run-up to the election.

Additionally, well over half of Hastings' article deals with his experiences and views of Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Hillary Clinton. Hastings has precious little good to say about Sen. Clinton; a fact unknown or ignored by Ms Van Susteren.

And so, my fellow pups, far from this being "another example of the liberal media bias," Hastings' article is a personal account of his disillusionment with the absurdities of presidential campaigning. It is Van Susteren who is trying to turn this into a much larger issue by misleading or incomplete reporting.

But Fox would never do that would they?