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Longest Serving Republican Senator Gets Convicted – On Fox Special Report, No Big Deal

Reported by Priscilla - October 28, 2008 -

While other news networks led off their programs with reports on the conviction of Alaska’s Republican Senator Ted Stevens, this important piece of news appeared 15 minutes into last night’s “Special Report.” There were other, more important, propaganda themes to roll out first.

The Obama as Socialist/Marxist meme was supported by the top item which consisted of “Campaign Carl” Cameron’s report on how McCain is “ripping into Democrats” about “redistribution of wealth.” Palin’s campaign comment about how this, according to John McCain, “dangerous theory” is “eroding our work ethic” was played. (Comment: hey Sarah, that’s all predicated on the existence of “work” – helloooo????) Cameron ended his report with the news that Joe (the fake) Plumber would be joining McCain at Tuesday’s appearances. (Comment: and while the right wing complains about how the meanies in the MSM are being nasty to Sam, the McCain campaign continues to use him as a prop. It is amusing to think that the GOP has, as its iconic figure, a tax scofflaw who isn’t, strictly speaking, a member of the profession that is now part of his name – although if he gets into organized crime, it would be a great moniker!)

The “don’t believe the polls” theme got a weak workout in the second report which described the Newsweek 15% Obama lead as an “outlier” while considering the AP (thought Fox hated the “liberal” AP) 1% poll as fine and dandy. It was amusing to see the Fox/Opinion Dynamics poll as showing Obama with a 9% lead. Karolyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute said that folks need to “shop around” for their poll data. And Karl Rove smeared college and universities which do polling when he claimed that “there is a proliferation of polls, especially those run by universities, which may not have the skills and capability that professional polling outfits have. They’re not helpful.” (Comment: take that Quinnipiac!!!!)

And finally, drum roll please, we had the Ted Stevens report. The “Special Report” panel didn’t think that the Stevens matter was important as they spent most of their time talking about how criticism of Palin’s Park Ave. (not “Main Street”) attire was “sexist.” Guess they’re taking their cues from Elizabeth Hasslebeck.

Comment: I don’t know…I might be a cynic. But if a Democratic Senator was looking at hard time as a result of a conviction on 7 felony counts for lying about receiving $250,000 in gifts, I suspect that it would be on the top of the Special Report chart and “The” topic for the panel. But as the old song goes, “different strokes for different folks” and Republicans aren’t exactly “everyday people.”