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How About that "Obama Sell-Off," Eh?

Reported by Melanie - October 28, 2008 -

This is how Neil Cavuto opened his show today (October 28, 2008):

"Just call it a day for very impressive numbers. Fox on top of both candidates playing lose with their numbers on the very same day Wall Street racks up some pretty impressive numbers of its own. The second biggest advance in terms of points in Wall Street trading history. A gain of 890 points that easily put us over 9,000. Now this advance today easily wipes out the more than five hundred points that were knocked from the Dow over the last couple of days on concerns we were going into a recession, and fast."

What was that Neil? The Dow was falling on "concerns we were going into a recession?" Just yesterday you said we were in the midst of an "Obama Sell-Off:"


But folks, the money quote came 23 minutes in when Cavuto was raving about the rally for the umpteenth time:

"Alright. You might have noticed we don't over-obsess up or down here on the markets. We cover them because they're significant events. A lot of people follow them but we don't attach a great deal of reason to either."

Comment: Cavuto's a lyin' sack of HoHos. He's been "over-obsessing" for weeks now, attaching a "great deal of reason" as to why the Dow was crashing, albeit false reason. Again, that Obama might win and people were withdrawing their money in anticipation of massive tax increases. (Here, here, here and here.) I tell you. Cavuto's such a piece of work.