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From CRC to TownHall to FOX News to an RNC press release - the making of a talking point

Reported by Chrish - October 28, 2008 -

From right-wing Townhall to FOX News to an RNC press release, all this morning. Amanda Carpenter was on FOX and Friends First to break the news that ACORN, the organization they are desperately trying to tie around Barack Obama's neck, has tax liens - quite a lot of them, if this report is true. Alas, so far only like-minded right-wing sites are carrying the story in the form of this press release so we can't tell yet if it's true or some distortion of the truth or outright false. Regardless, note the chain of command: TownHall breaks the story on FOX News, and several hours later we've got an RNC press release.
With video

The actual research (a Nexis search) was done by Matthew Vadum of Capital Research Center, , "a conservative think tank whose stated mission is to do "opposition research" exposing the funding sources behind consumer, health and environmental groups." The CRC, found "groups such as the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association as 'liberal', the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported," and Dick Armey used his official Congressional letterhead for letters warning donors that they were in essence supporting a welfare state.

CRC aims to expose liberal funding behind organizations that are promoting a "leftist agenda" yet refuses to reveal its own sources of funding, but MediaTransparency has concluded that large sums are contributed by the usual suspects: Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Carthage Foundation, Earhart Foundation, Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation, John M. Olin Foundation, and the Philip M. McKenna Foundation.

This background is just to show whose research and findings get exposure on FOX, and just how radical they are. After Amanda Carpenter wrote her article, she was invited to reveal the contents to the world on FOX; hours later the GOP announced the findings of back-taxes.

What this all proves or means is not clear. We saw FOX blow off Joe the Plumber's back-taxes in the last weeks, and Cindy McCain's four-year delinquency was shrugged off with a sneer. Is it a matter of scale? Back taxes are no big deal until a certain point? Or could it be that a liberal organization which endorsed the enemy the Democrat is held to a higher standard?

Any scandal or smear FOX can attach to ACORN, they will - to make sure that when the Republicans challenge election results next Tuesday, the public already has a suspicion of Democratic-linked foul play. Not that we needed it, but further proof of FOX and the RNC's arm-in-arm relationship.

(Note the big smiles, and catch Doocy's tease for the following segment at the very end. It's like this the whole three hours, non-stop Obama bashing, practically unbearable.)