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FOX News “Democrat” Greta Van Susteren Helps Limbaugh Offer Right Wing Talking Points

Reported by Ellen - October 28, 2008 -

Once again FOX News “Democrat” Greta Van Susteren proved more interested in advancing a conservative agenda on her program, “On The Record,” than in providing any kind of liberal view. She sat quiet and acquiescent last night (10/27/08) as guest Rush Limbaugh smeared Democrats over two segments. Her only response was to ask softball questions about Governor Sarah Palin, obviously designed to elicit good PR for her, rather than provide any real debate. With video.

In Part 1, Limbaugh told Van Susteren, “The Democrat Party is totally responsible for this mortgage, this subprime mortgage crisis.” He suggested that McCain should work to convince voters of this. “The case can be made for that simply by saying that if the Democrats could find a Republican on whom to blame this, they would have had that person up on Capitol Hill testifying... they would have done their best to destroy that person.”

No argument or debate from “Democrat” Van Susteren. Instead, she asked a question sure to evince a GOP-friendly response, “What about the media treatment of Governor Sarah Palin? Fair or not?”

Of course Limbaugh thought it unfair. And of course he used that as a segue to smear Democrats even more. “This is what the Democrat Party has become. The Democrat Party's not interested in debate. The Democrat Party wants to destroy. They want to destroy the credibility of opponents. They want to shut 'em up.” He later called the Democrats “the most partisan, mean-spirited, extremist political party in our lifetimes.”

He went on to accuse Democrats of trying to destroy Joe the Plumber.

So how did Van Susteren respond? Did she offer any balance for that extremist view? No, she kept up her steady Palin PR by asking, “What do you think of Governor Palin?'

“She's refreshing. She's real,” Limbaugh said. “She doesn't have to keep people that she's known with duct tape on their mouths locked up in a closet. Senator Obama has to hide all the people who can vouch for who he really is. She doesn't.”

Limbuagh continued, “We have a polarization in this country, not just a conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican. We also have a polarization in this country of elites vs. average people.”

I'm beginning to think Van Susteren is obsessed with Palin. She responded to Limbaugh by saying, “I'm surprised by people, even like Peggy Noonan who took a whack at Governor Palin.”

Limbaugh complained that a lot of “pseudo-intellectual elites on the conservative media side” had also done so.

Unlike regular guys like multi-millionaire Rush? When was the last time Limbaugh hung out with a gang of Joe the Plumber types?

FOX News titled this part of the discussion, “Rush's Reality Check.”

In Part 2, the Democrat-bashing continued along with Van Susteren's uncritical responses. At the end, she cheerily invited him back next Monday.