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FOX and Friends in all out push for McCain in final week

Reported by Chrish - October 28, 2008 -

FOX and Friends this morning 10/28/08 spent numerous segments and interviews pushing the "Obama = socialism" meme that they hope will be the one that sticks and foil his possible election. To back up the accusation, they've pieced together some out-of-context clips of him using buzzwords and they've dug up some more tenuous-at-best :associations" with which to smear him. This last week is shaping up to be a no-holds-barred smearathon in a desperate attempt to stop the Obama momentum.

Big Story, or as I'll call them BS #1: Obama attended a going away party for a professorial associate who criticized Israel - gasp! This Columbia University professor is "a dangerous guy" who helped coordinate Ahmadinejad's appearance there, and called the creation of Israel a "catastrophe." Obama was in the presence of someone who criticized Israel!!! Well, he hasn't had anything to do with him since that University dinner, but, but, but, he was there! Bill Ayers was there too - pow!

But wait - the Khalidi's kids used to babysit the Obama's kids, and Michelle attended one of their daughter's wedding - they must be connected at a neural level for sure.

BS #2: McCain has taken to calling Obama the Redistributor in Chief - so FOX and Friends will too! Swell!

Peter Johnson Jr. was tapped (as a lawyer) to address likely Obama Supreme Court appointees in light of his "regret" that the Courts didn't, couldn't be the engine for "spreading the wealth," revisiting the fearmongering meme that Obama's SCotUS would dictate redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the welfare class - this is basically the fear FOX is trying to help spread - unfounded and ridiculous as it sounds to clear-thinking people.

BS #3: Gretchen Carlson read from "an editorial," unsourced, that asserts that Obama will, with the cooperation of a Democratically controlled Congress, shape and direct the Supreme Court to carry out his alleged "redistributive" fantasies. A little Googling revealed it to be the other side of Rupert Murdoch's mouth, the New York Post, which worries about "Barck's Supeme Goal" -- " Barack Obama, radical redistributionist? So it would seem." The FOX echo chamber makes it seem that a wide coalition shares these fears when in reality it's a small cadre echoing one another.

BS #4: Obama gravitated towards "those types" and at one time attended (gasp again!) a Socialist lecture! "Those types" include "more politically active black students, foreign students, Chicanos, Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets." Hmm, sounds like in college he pursued academics and different philosophies, instead of "anything in a skirt" and booze. Republicans have great contempt for intellectual curiosity, it seems - it gets in the way of the indoctrination process.

These were the main tlaking points and memes for the morning - oh, and the guy who put up "Hallloween decorations" of a John McCain likeness on fire in the chimney and Sarah Palin likeness hung from a noose. Of course this is inappropriate and unacceptable to most people, but FOX continues to run the video to imprint viewers with the "hatred" on the left.

They've given up all pretense at fair and balanced and are in full push McCain, tear down barack Obama mode this week. It is not unexpected but as blatant as it is, you'd think there would be some consequences for continuing to present themselves as "news" when all they are is a John McCain campaign outlet, relentlessly attacking Barack Obama 24/7.