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Drudge, TownHall legit sources on "fairandbalanced" while MediaMatters is routinely slandered

Reported by Chrish - October 28, 2008 -

I mentioned yesterday, before I saw Megyn Kelly's O'Reilly-esque treatment of Obama spokesman Bill Burton and her frantic attempts to defend her employers, that the most recent poo-flinging about Obama and the Supreme Court and civil rights and "the tragedy" came from the right-wing Drudge Report. (This morning's scurrilous, guilt by association attempt came from right-wing TownHall.com, FOX's idea of diversity of sources.)

Just for documentation sake, here's Doocy and his source:



No doubt about it, FOX is neither fair nor balanced. Their sourcing and guest lists confirm this easily, as they host other right-wingers to reinforce the agenda and use like-minded sources to give the impression of multiple points of view - except that they are largely one and the same. Poor Megyn is finding that her looks and tantrums won't get her this prize, the legitimacy she wants.