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What are Neil Cavuto and Dick Morris Smokin?

Reported by Melanie - October 27, 2008 -

Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, is still pushing the ridiculous and false notion that the stock market is going down because people are flipping out about the possibility that if Barack Obama wins the election, he'll raise capital gains taxes. Therefore, "everyone" is selling their stock and presumably stuffing the cash under their mattress to wait out the Socialist-Marxist-Communist storm.

Continuing that theme today (October 27, 2008), Dick Morris was on to offer suggestions to John McCain as to how he can "pull off a dramatic shift" during this final week. One of them was for McCain to,

"Challenge Obama to two years of moratorium on capital gains tax increases and say, with the market plunging a couple a hundred points every single day — I don't care whether your gaining in the polls is a cause of it, I'm not saying that — I'm saying that from here until Election Day if the voters believe you are going to raise capital gains taxes in, and they feel you're going to win, it's going to send the market into a tizzy. Why don't we both agree not to raise capital gains taxes and Obama can't follow him on that and that then puts the declining market over the next six or seven days on Obama's door step."

(Oh yeah, that'll work!)

And through it all, Cavuto sat there staring blankly at the camera.

Comment: This from what the Fox News Channel claims is an honest to goodness, legitimate and serious business news show. Beyond that, my God. Morris can't be serious. He just can't be. This has gotta be a joke. This is the kind of thing you'd see on Stewart or Colbert. Man, these guys have nothing. Nothing. Oh, and by the way, no mention of the "Obama crash" over at FoxBusiness.com. They say this about today's drop: "The late-day selloff didn't appear to be sparked by any specific, negative developments. Instead, it followed a month-long pattern of stocks plunging during the last hour of trading." Guess they feel uncomfortable putting this insanity in writing.