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The Chumminess Between FOX News And The Palins

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2008 -

Greta Van Susteren does a teaser for her upcoming show every night at about 20 minutes before the end of Hannity & Colmes. After her promo during the 10/23/08 Hannity & Colmes, shortly after Sean Hannity's softball interview with Sarah Palin, Hannity said, “By the way, Greta, the first dude, Todd Palin, said 'Hi' to you and so I sent a message that I promised I'd send.” With video.

The message evokes a couple of scenarios. One, Hannity being so chummy with the Palins that he'd be chatting with, then promise to send a message from Todd Palin to Van Susteren and then doing so on the air, literally broadcasting how palsy they are. Two, Palin feeling so warmly toward Van Susteren (who did her own infomercial for him) that he not only wanted to say “Hi” but insisted that Hannity forward the greeting.

“Edward R.” Hannity has been lamenting the death of journalism lately because, in his view, the media has been too kind to Barack Obama. Apparently, however, being chummy with the Palins doesn't count. Can you imagine the hissy fits on FOX if one NBC anchor carried a greeting from Michelle Obama to another anchor?

Meanwhile, tonight's Hannity & Colmes promises another Sarah Palin infomercial as the "fair and balanced" network offers yet another "exclusive" interview with Hannity that not only rules out any questions from liberal Alan Colmes but doubles up on the pro-Palin buzz by bringing in Elisabeth Hasselbeck for good measure.