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Outrageous Quote of the Week 10/25/08

Reported by Chrish - October 27, 2008 -

We can see why Bill O'Reilly's contract was renewed as he continues to turn our rip-roarin' whoppers for your entertainment, like this winner from last week: "I make sure, personally make sure, that throughout the week we have equal representation of conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican. OK, I mean, if you have been watching the show I've been doing this now into our thirteenth year, and we have voices, and they're equal." Check out this week's offerings after the jump.

Option A: Alan Colmes asked Dick Morris, "I wonder If you agree with Newt Gingrich that this takes the issue of national security and safety off the table with this level of endorsement by Colin Powell."

Morris' response: "Of course it doesn't. Not at all. In fact, I've always felt that Colin Powell didn't take it off the table cause I've always felt that he was far too hesitant to intervene in Bosnia and bears some responsibility for the genocide there as a result." Hannity & Colmes, 10/20/08

Option B: "Is this a double standard for candidates vying for the White House? We've heard a lot about John McCain, not so much about that guy (Biden)." Steve Doocy, the day after Joe Biden's medical records were released sans a recent brain scan, FOX and Friends, 10/22/08

Option C: "If you take the far southwestern corner (of Pennsylvania), over there near Pittsburgh and the suburbs, that's coal country and that's the kind of people who really do cling to their guns and their faith." Karl Rove, Hannity & Colmes, 10/22/08

Option D: Hugh Hewitt: "I often hear in Barack Obama's rhetoric – and especially in the rhetoric of some of his advisors like Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi..."

He was interrupted by Kirsten Powers saying that Ayers is NOT one of Obama's advisors. So Hewitt continued by saying, "He may not be an advisor this year. He has had a 20 year relationship with Barack Obama."Hannity & Colmes, 10/24/08

Option E: "As far as I'm concerned, I'm in favor of a Governor using all the power she can and even abusing her power to make sure that public safety is maintained." Dick Morris on Hanntiy & Colmes 10/10/08 (Yes, it's late, but too worthy to let slide.)