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FOX spins Biden interview, claims he didn't answer loaded questions.

Reported by Chrish - October 27, 2008 -

FOX is excited this morning because, they say, Joe Biden got tripped up in an interview with a local Florida station over the weekend, and the Obama camp subsequently cancelled another interview with Jill Biden. All I'd seen was FOX's reporting on the "tough" questioning and taunts of chicken, so I checked out the full interview on YouTube (where it is posted dozens of times, most with mocking titles and commentary). Biden did fine answering the questions, which were all Republican talking points straight from the right's playbook.
Video below.

On FOX, you'll see Barbara West's talking points phrased as questions, and only two replies from Biden, first asking her if the Marx question is a joke, and secondly wondering who is writing her questions (the RNC?). His answers to the hostile questions are not seen on FOX, just his initial reaction.

FOX likes to invite viewers to imagine "what if" to invoke their complaint that media treatment is unfair to Republicans. Can you imagine if Katie Couric or Charles Gibson asked Sarah Palin hostile questions like this, rather than stumpers like "Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?" and "What newspapers do you read?" Those softballs brought howls of protest, yet this biased line of questioning, frosted with "some say" icing, is lauded as tough and professional. If it wasn't for double standards, FOX would have no standards at all!

Steve Doocy told viewers that Joe Biden didn't answer the two questions, yet as you'll see below, he answered them all. Gretchen Carlson pronounced "This is huge!" because it shows how "they" respond to "tough questions." She carried on about how astounding this is, amazing, that "they" would cut off a "mainstream media station" (WFTV, Orlando) because "they" didn't like a few questions.

Hmm, didn't John McCain cancel an appearance on CNN's Larry King Live because their Campbell Brown asked Tucker Bounds, campaign spokesman, some "tough" questions? There was no outrage on FOX over that; in fact, the only mention I find of the entire episode is buried in another article about convention coverage on the FOXNews website:

"CNN reported that its scheduled Larry King interview with McCain on Tuesday was canceled because an aide said the candidate was upset with Campbell Brown's questioning of McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds over Palin the night before.

Brown had repeatedly pressed Bounds to name one decision Palin had made as commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard.

CNN U.S. President Jon Klein backed his reporter.

"Campbell Brown did what journalists do," he said. "She asked fair and important questions in a respectful way and was simply trying to get a straight answer to a straightforward question."

Brent Bozell, Bernie Goldberg, and others right-wingers were brought on to reinforce the perception of widespread outrage. Bozell posited that the Obama camp has avoided FOX News because they are the only ones who would ask similarly "tough" questions (ahem, with much fanfare Barack Obama appeared on Bill O'Reilly's program for just such "tough" questioning, and also on FOX News Sunday.) The chyrons asked if Biden "overreacted," Kilmeade said he was "off the mat and off the charts," and Bozell repeated that Biden didn't answer. He was "so shocked and taken aback," per Carlson, and Goldberg would like to hear the New York Times and major broadcast stations ask such questions.

The Friends are predicting that Barbara West, the anchor who asked the biased questions, will be "investigated," and I'll make a prediction of my own - she's a Republican supporter. Well what do you know - a fast Google reveals it's already started, and the connections are predictable. The Friends are also wondering worried that this is indicative of how an Obama administration will handle "tough" questions from non-mainstream media outlets, among which they count themselves. (FOX is famously schizophrenic for whining about their outsider status even as they trumpet their number one ratings all day long. And for the record, WFTV is an ABC affiliate.) Will FOX lose their special White House access if he should win? You betcha!

Other guests included Dick Morris, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Malkin. Almost 2.5 hours into the 3 hour program, Howard Wolfson appeared and was acknowledged as the first guest to say that the questions were out of line and a waste of the candidate's time.

Well, duh - they stacked the guest list with the regular right-wing sycophants who chorused that Biden couldn't take the tough questions, in order to get the message across to viewers. When Wolfson appears after all that, he looks lonely and out of touch, which is what they want the viewers to believe.

Here's Doocy claiming (the first time of many) that Biden didn't answer (H/T Mike):

And here's the whole interview, without editorializing:

For comparison purposes you may want to check out Ms. West's interview of Senator John McCain. She's so fair and balanced they might have a job for her at FOX! (H/T Sean for linky.)