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FOX contributor promotes website, asks for contributions to get around McCain campaign

Reported by Chrish - October 27, 2008 -

Clearly not fair or balanced - is it legal?
Dick Morris appeared on FOX and Friends this morning and gave viewers (among them McCain surrogates, host Gretchen Carlsom hoped) three recommendations for the McCain campaign. His second recommendation appears to violate, if not the letter then certainly the spirit of Federal election laws regarding contributions and coordination between the campaigns and outside organizations in the last days before the election.
With video.

I've altered the video so as not to promote this organizaton; the unedited footage has been sent to persons who might be interested and who can act upon it.

Aside from being possibly illegal, this is so blatantly, unquestionably UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED as anything I've ever seen on FOX.

All together now: FOX IS IN THE TANK FOR MCCAIN!!!

H/T Haggis Farmer for the heads up.