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FOX and Friends echo Drudge falsehoods about Obama

Reported by Chrish - October 27, 2008 -

FOX and Friends were busy busy anti-Obama propagandists this morning! Another recurring myth that they covered with cartoonish animation was the "bombshell" supposedly found on an NPR interview tape from 2001, where then-state legislator and Constitutional law instructor Obama discussed the results of the civil rights movement. Of course, only select snippets that fit the McCain campaign's talking points were played, repeatedly and sans context, to drill viewers into believing that Obama is a Marxist and/or socialist (they alternate freely) whose goal is to play Robin Hood with your hard-earned dollars. It's the welfare queen fear card with a new ($150,000) wardrobe.

In the interest of efficiency I'll send you over to our good friends at MediaMatters, who have thoroughly debunked the false talking points as they appeared on America's Newsroom, which is just a continuation of F&F off the couch - the better to see Megyn Kelly's legs.

The story was picked up from the Drudge Report, which featured the following false headline: "2001 Obama: Tragedy that 'Redistribution of Wealth' not Pursued by Supreme Court;" Steve Doocy unabashedly held up his laptop to show viewers the headline.

Steve Doocy paraphrased Obama's point that redistribution of wealth can't happen through the courts because "they aren't structured that way;" "however, if he appoints a couple of judges, or Justices, to the Supreme Court, that could change everything." An hour later he repeated the talking point: "If he's elected president, he will nominate people for the Supreme Court, who he wants to. Would they be more for redistribution? Stand by." Doocy is following orders to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Obama - this is a lame, baseless fearmongering rumor that Obama appointees will restructure law and tax code to take your money and give it to the less fortunate. Good grief, people really believe this - and we get the emails to prove it.

Brian Kilmeade is totally bamboozled by the concept of building economic success from the ground up, as Obama is suggesting, but he is easily thrown.

Read MediaMatters refutation of the false talking points being echoed around the right-wing media.