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No Apologies from Neil Cavuto for Helping to Spread the "Mutilation" Lie

Reported by Melanie - October 26, 2008 -

On Thursday afternoon Neil Cavuto hosted Neal Boortz to discuss bash Barack Obama. (According to Boortz, Obama is now responsible for our increasing unemployment rate.) At the end of the segment, Boortz blurted this out: "And ah, Neil, there's, there's one more thing. It's a little off topic, but have you heard the latest news today? Came on just as you were coming on the air, about a John McCain supporter, ah worker, being attacked and having a B cut into her, the letter B cut into her face?"

Cavuto, ending the interview and heading to a break: "Yeah, yes, we are going to get into that. ... Alright. We're going to follow that news development that Neal was talking about" and then...

Well Neil didn't exactly "get into that," but approximately 45 minutes later, during an interview with Hank Williams, Jr., this interaction took place:

Williams: "You know, and now I guess someone's been attacked, ah, physically attacked in Pittsburgh."

Cavuto: "That's right."

Here's video:

So, on Friday did Cavuto correct the record and inform his viewers that this was an outright lie, promulgated by the McCain campaign no less? Of course not. Cavuto and his "America's Election Headquarters" gang, the "America's Newsroom," "fair and balanced news" liars are more than happy to let this hang in the air as a truism.

(October 26, 2008)