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Does Cavuto Think McCain Has Already Lost?

Reported by Ellen - October 25, 2008 -


While Neil Cavuto is hardly known for his accurate predictions (who can forget his "Democrats are Done" article in August claiming that the Democrats have lost the election based on the Russia/Georgia conflict?) and his Republican bias is apparent in his reporting, this post on Foxbusiness.com, called McCain Needs Markets To Turn Around, goes too far.

I can ignore Cavuto's inability to string more than 2 sentences together to form a coherent paragraph. I can ignore his claim that the Cuban Missile crisis was all over and done with after 13 days. (Dude, the fact that you're writing about it 45 years later shows that it had a long term impact.) I might even be able to ignore the (blatant) politicization of Sept.11th as showing how much a single event can change opinions about a politician or world event. I might even suggest that Mr. Cavuto ask how many Republicans were isloationist on December 1st, 1941 only to change their opinion in the next 13 days.

Mr. Cavuto's opinion that the disastrous losses in the stock market are the sole and exclusive cause of Sen. McCain's popularity tumble is both absurd & self-focused. Certainly a healthy stock market would make Sen. McCain's polling numbers look better. But to ignore the other factors in the election is certainly too narrow.

Sarah Palin is certainly a cause. Whether or not her selection was an attempt to woo Hillary Clinton voters (my opinion, yes); her troubles with Troopergate, the Per Diems, the interviews (flubbing what papers do you read? A real gotcha question), the wardrobe expenses, the kids travel funds, Anti-america America, etc. have only contributed negative news to the discussion.

Sen. McCain's own erratic campaigning lost him the support of Colin Powell. The "Ready, Fire, Aim" direction of the campaign has not shown either the leadership or stability that one values in a President.

But what is truly shocking to me is that in this article Mr. Cavuto seems to have given up on McCain & the campaign.