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Republican Andrea Tantaros Falsely Claims Vice President Is In Charge Of The Senate

Reported by Ellen - October 24, 2008 -

Republican Andrea Tantaros made herself look ridiculous trying to defend Sarah Palin's erroneous understanding of the role of the Vice President. On Monday, Palin incorrectly stated that the Vice President is in charge of the Senate. In fact, other than to break a tie, the vice president presides over the Senate only on ceremonial occasionals. But while spewing invective at every Democrat she could think of, Tantaros could only defend Palin's fallacy by repeating it. With video.

The segment on last night's (10/23/08) Hannity & Colmes started with unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity whining that Barack Obama was “taking shots at me.” In fact, in the clip Hannity played, Obama had merely said that Republicans like Hannity were unlikely to back him because they are “dug in and resistant to the notion that we need to change direction.”

That's a far cry from the kinds of smears that Hannity dishes out about Obama on a daily basis. But Hannity's widdle bullyboy feewings were smarting. Not just about Obama but because all those “radical associates” Hannity also smears have been such meanies to “Little ol' Sean Hannity, radio and TV host.”

“Why?” Hannity asked Democrat Bob Beckel.

Unfortunately, Beckel chose to suck up to Hannity, rather than give him the kind of smack down he merited for regularly distorting and scapegoating for the sake of whipping up partisan hatred.

When it was Alan Colmes' turn he asked Tantaros if it concerned her that Palin doesn't know what a vice president does. He added, “She said, 'We're fighting for our elections overseas.' That's not what the war is about.”

Tantaros tried to duck the questions by launching an obnoxious series of insults that she obviously thought clever, such as calling Biden “Joe the Stumbler."

But Colmes would not allow her to avoid the question. “Sarah Palin, Andrea, is asked what does a vice president do and she says, 'Runs the Senate and is in charge of legislation.'”

Tantaros got even mouthier and started jabbing her finger. “I've got news for you, Alan. When there is a tie-breaking vote on Capitol Hill, guess what? The vice president? He does run the Senate.”

Colmes pointed out that that is not running the Senate. “It's not doing legislation. It's what she said.”

Either unfamiliar with what a vice president does, herself, or else at a loss as to how to defend Palin's ignorance,Tantaros decided she'd get louder and more obnoxious. “Oh. Oh. Oh, I love how you jump on her words. But... Joe Biden thinks 'jobs' has three letters. Joe Biden thinks Hillary would make a better president. I agree with him on that.”

Colmes didn't let Tantaros wriggle away. “You're giving me talking points here but you're not answering my question which has to do with her not knowing what her job is.”

“She knows what her job is,” Tantaros said, then tried to change the subject again. “(Palin) has 25,000 employees under her, an eleven billion dollar budget. A five billion dollar surplus that she manages. What has Barack Obama done, Alan?”

Every time Colmes and Beckel asked Tantaros about Palin, she tried to change the subject to Obama.