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FOX Friends' viewers get a taste of Rush-rot with their coffee

Reported by Chrish - October 24, 2008 -

In three hours of FOX and Friends this morning 10/24/08, featured guests were Karl Rove (2 segments), Michael Barone (FOX), Andrew Napolitano (FOX), Bob Casey (D-PA), Chris Cillizza (WaPo), Peter Johnson Jr. (FOX), Joe Lieberman (2 segments), Michael Steele vs. Doug Schoen, Chris Wallace (FOX), almost 7 minutes of Rush Limbaugh, Matt Segal (voter empowerment advocate), and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, campaigning with Sarah Palin. There were segments too numerous to count about ACORN and fears of Democratic voter fraud, yet no mention, like on the O'Reilly Factor, of reported complaints of voter registration fraud surrounding the Young Political Majors (YPM), a group hired by the Republican Party to register voters, nor of an actual arrest of organization leader Mark Anthony Jacoby in that investigation.

Limbaugh showed his mastery of BS and seamlessly spewed every right-wing talking point du jour, with a little help (and nary an interruption or challenge) from his Friends.
With video.

Now that most polls are showing McCain trailing across the nation and Obama's lead widening and solidifying (despite numerous cherry-picked assertions throughout the hours by the Friends that the polls are tightening), the right must attack the polls. Limbaugh accused that the "drive-by media" shapes opinion and doesn't reflect it; the race is tight, not over, not all that bad for McCain... It's a media conspiracy to suppress and depress Republican voter turnout.

He calls coverage of this election the most outrageous, "most irresponsible journalistic exhibition [he's] ever seen in [his] life." (So, he's not a FOX News viewer - interesting.) The purpose is to depress people and convince them McCain has no prayer.

Doocy noted that the same day the NYTimes Editorial Board endorsed Obama, the paper released a poll that has Obama ahead by 13%. Doocy said "we've" talked to pollsters (Frank Luntz?) who have said you can effectively drive the results by how you frame the question - is the NYT doing that? Limbaugh was then free to bash the Times, suggestiong that their falling readership is due to their "liberal" tilt (a talking point dismissed by Editor and Publisher, the industry gurus). Limbaugh bemoans that he and FOX and their other right-wing cronies haven't been successful at getting people to focus on Ayers, Wright, and other distractions; the economy is the main issue (and apparently multi-millionaire Limbaugh thinks that middle-class people voting in their own best interests is a bad thing - vote for the guy who will keep Limbaugh's cash in his pocket!)

Obama is a radical, he insisted. What frustrates him is that the economy that we're all so concerned about, that's driving voters to Obama, is "directly traceable to the Democrat (sic) Party..." directly traceable to Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barney Frank." He projected "the most partisan, mean-spirited" labels onto Democrats, and whined that McCain allowed the economic crisis to be pinned on Bush and Republicans. McCain trying to distance himself from Bush, bashing his policies as he did yesterday, is just him "agreeing with Obama!"

McCain has to get consistent these last days, and "we can drag him across the finish line, guys."

Doocy steered back to the NYTimes (in deep doo-doo on FOX for formally endorsing McCain)
and "wondered" if they're "spinning", secretly telling voters to relax over all the voter fraud hype, by reporting that ACORN registrations were not nearly as high as that organization originally reported. (Of the 1.3 million "new" registrations, they found 400,000 to be duplicates, incomplete, or fraudulent and about half the remainder were address changes, so only about 450,000 new voters were registered.) Of course they're trying to downplay fears of Democrat 9sic) voter fraud, answered Rush. But, if this is "in the bag" for Obama, why does he have to cheat? Why does he have to spend any ad money and keep campaigning in battleground states?

"It's not what it appears to be, there's a false reality being presented, and people need to get a grip," he concluded.

Sounds like Rush is the one who needs to get a grip.