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Oh — Now Obama's Responsible for Our Job Losses?

Reported by Melanie - October 23, 2008 -

Wing nut radio talk show host Neal Boortz was Neil Cavuto's second guest today (October 23, 2008) on his "business news" show, "Your World." We know Cavuto has been claiming for weeks that the stock market is crashing because Wall Streeters allegedly fear an Obama presidency, but Boortz brought a new dimension to the carnage Obama is responsible for — our job losses! Shucks. That makes sense, now doesn't? (OMG.)

Yep, according to Boortz, "Not only are people moving wealth, they are moving jobs. Ah, they don't like Barack Obama's plan for instant unionization. As soon as the Democrats get in office, they're going to lower the employee threshold on things like the Family Leave Act — people want to get rid of employees! They'll send employees off to staffing agencies, where they don't have to worry about this. They'll automate. They'll move jobs off-shore. Barack Obama is going to attack two things: wealth and jobs. And the businessmen and the achievers out there are starting to move both of them around."

Meanwhile, Mr. Fox "Business News" Cavuto sat there, staring blankly at the camera, looking like a big mushroom.

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