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FOX host offers McCain free airtime since he's so far behind Obama, money and elsewise

Reported by Chrish - October 23, 2008 -

FOX and Friends had Bill O'Reilly on by phone this morning 10/23/08 to discuss his views on today's "revelation" that one of the three thousand educators signing a petition demanding FOX and others stop smearing Bill Ayers is Palestinian andhas controversial views of Israell. O'Reilly asserted that people who haven't made up their minds yet should lose their voting rights ("cards"), and pretty much confirmed he would not be voting for Obama because of the Wright and Ayers "issues." What a shocker. I thought, after he played that Wright tape for two straight months, that he was a fan.
With video

Later in the segment, revisiting his guest appearance on The View yesterday morning, we saw O'Reilly making faces mocking host Joy Behar (sitting right next to him!) and declaring that Obama is a communist. He took it back when she objected at the inflammatory remark, downgrading him to only "a socialist," and told the couch 'tators that the only way to deal with her is to mock her, make fun of her. Again, speak for yourself, asshole.


After a break, BillO and Friends discussed strategy for McCain to come from behind and win - the discussion on FOX is always how can McCain win. O'Reilly said he needs to ignore the polls, go on all the big influential talk shows and talk radio, and hope that he can turn it around by sheer willpower. Brian Kilmeade brought up the big money margin that Obama has, then offered "He could do your show for free; he could do our show for free. He could be using the media, because he's great in that unscripted environment, but I don't see him doing that much."

Methinks Brian Kilmeade just offered the national platform that calls itself "FOX News" for free to one candidate to use for campaign purposes. Does the FEC approve of this kind of blatant partisanship and favoritism? Does the FCC?