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FOX host demands Biden's full medical records after ignoring and dismissing McCain's missing records for seven months

Reported by Chrish - October 23, 2008 -

FOX and Friends had the unmitigated gall to bring up Joe Biden's medical records yesterday morning 10/22/08, complaining that a brain scan was not included in the released records. And then, then they had the nerve to say there is a double standard in play: "Is this a double standard for candidates vying for the White House? We've heard a lot about John McCain, not so much about that guy (Biden)."


Joe Biden released his medical records yesterday, explained Steve Doocy, reminding viewers that in 1988 Biden had an aneurysm in his brain, and multiple surgeries to repair it. The Friends speculated on whether or not he has had regular follow-up scans, but they do know no scans have been released.

Then, Doocy introduced the alleged "double standard:" how many times did people call for John McCain to release his medical records? ("Eventually he did," lied Doocy.) He brought up the ad from last month "done by Howard Dean's brother" (ahem, he meant to say Robert Greenwald), and the conversation devolved, as it often does on FOX and Friends, into rambling stupidity.

Thousands of doctors - your read that right, thousands - have called upon John McCain to release his records. The "release" Doocy alluded to was a three hour dump of 1,700 pages of records to a small cadre of hand-picked medical professionals, who were not allowed to make copies or take notes.

The concern is that no one knows what stage McCain's melanoma is, and depending on that information, doctors could make a more mathematically correct prediction of his life expectancy. They are not trying to be ghoulish and nobody is wishing an untimely death for him - people just want to be assured that statistically, he will live to complete his term. His crazy, irresponsible, reckless VP pick has made it all the more urgent because if heaven forbid he goes, she's in charge, answering that 3 a.m. call.

The double standard is at FOX, where the only thing they've said about McCain's cancer is how disgraceful it was for Robert to make a commercial demanding answers to critical, literally life and death questions. It's been one day since Biden's records were released and already they're in high dudgeon. McCain has been hiding his truth for seven months now, and still they give him a pass.

The rest of the media has been cowed by the faux indignation and pretentious moral superiority, pretending to honor the medical privacy of the man who would arrogantly invade every woman in America's most intimate decisions.

In the words of all the Bush illegal wiretapping supporters, why should he care if he's got nothing to hide? Out with it, McCain: how advanced is your cancer?

Watch the videos, listen to the doctors, and spread the word
- McCain must release his medical records!