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Republican Michael Steele Calls Palin's Radical Associations “Irrelevant”

Reported by Ellen - October 22, 2008 -

After another round of Obama-bashing by association on last night's (10/21/08) Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes asked Republican spokesman Michael Steele about Sarah Palin's radical association with the Alaskan secessionist party. Steele had no answer, of course, other than to dismiss it as “tit for tat” and then said, “The bottom line is whether Sarah Palin did this, that or the other thing is irrelevant.” In other words, he could not defend it. With video.

Before Colmes' turn, Hannity got on his Hanctimonious high horse over John Murtha's comments about racists in Pennsylvania. Naturally, Hannity jumped at the chance to attack Murtha. Unrepentant bigot Hannity, who can't mention the name Trent Lott without saying that he should not have lost his position as Senate Majority Leader, couldn't criticize Murtha enough.

But it wasn't long before Hannity, with the co-operation of Steele, pivoted to attacking Barack Obama for his “radical associations.”

When it was Colmes' turn, he said, “I don't hear Democrats playing this game. You know, William Timmons, head of the presidential transition team for John McCain was a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein at the very time that Bill Clinton was launching strikes against Iraq. Sarah Palin's husband, member of a party, a secessionist party and she herself did a welcoming video for them and was in synch with them and their founder said he hated America and wouldn't want to be buried in this country. I don't hear Democrats beating that drum but they certainly could if they wanted to play the game of guilt by association.”

Colmes asked Steele, “Shouldn't that concern you?”

“No,” Steele answered.

“Why not?” Colmes asked.

Steele said, “'Cause it doesn't. Because you asked the question... You get to the point, Alan, where, you know, you do the tit for tat and the bottom line is whether Sarah Palin did this, that or the other thing is irrelevant. Barack Obama has not come out and fully explained and dealt with these issues.”