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Fox Finally Gets Something Right - "Democratic" Strategist Kirsten Powers is a Fake

Reported by Melanie - October 22, 2008 -

One of the segments on Fox's "premiere business news" show today (October 22, 2008) featured "Democratic strategist" Kirsten Powers. Powers, a sorry excuse for someone who's supposed to advocate on behalf of Democrats, was on to bash the ("liberal") media for allegedly ignoring Joe Biden's comment about Barack Obama being "tested" in the first six months of his potential presidency. As has been the case during all the coverage I've seen about this, Powell left out Biden's money quote: "[T]his guy has it. This guy has it.” And, "strategist" that she is, she failed to mention that later that day, Biden said those who test Obama will find he has a "spine of steel."

But, I've got to hand it to Fox. They got one thing right. They put the word "Democrats" in quotes. Appropriate when it comes to Powers.


What Biden said has been covered. The "bias" kicks in when "the media" fails to note that Biden said Obama "has it," and he has a "spine of steel." That was Powers' job.

More on Powers' masquerade here.