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“Joe The Plumber” Gets Top Pundit Spot On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - October 21, 2008 -

The kinda-sorta plumber formerly known as Joe (his real name is Samuel) was guest of honor on Hannity & Colmes last night (10/20/08). “Joe” quickly proved he had little grasp of the issues for which he had been catapulted into the spotlight after an encounter with Barack Obama about his tax policy. Nevertheless, this Sarah Palin of punditry was given the top two slots to offer his “insights” into the campaign. Dick Morris, who ordinarily takes that time, was relegated to a slot deep into the second half of the show. With video.

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (a/k/a Joe) made the ridiculous claim that under Barack Obama's plan to cut taxes for those earning under $250,000, “There's no reason to go out there and work hard." Wurzelbacher told a credulous Sean Hannity, ("Obama's) breeding mediocracy (sic) in America.” According to Wurzelbacher, there would be no reason to work. “You're telling people to stay home. I want to take care of you. And other people are at work out there.”

Hannity didn't correct him. Mr. Compassionate Conservative said, “If you want a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm.”

When it was Alan Colmes' turn, he pointed out that under Obama's tax plan, Wurzelbacher would get a tax cut, not pay more as he had told Obama.

“Yeah, I thought about that. And I was hopin' you might ask something like that, to be honest with ya,” Wurzelbacher replied. “I don't think it's right uh, to, you know, you know, there's principles involved. I don't want to have my taxes cut if it means somebody who worked hard or had a better break than I did and take his money. I don't want his money.”

“So you don't want a tax cut?” Colmes asked, somewhat skeptically.

Wurzelbacher answered, “I don't want someone else's money who worked hard for it, no.”

In reality, a tax cut is not someone else's money. It's a rebate of your own money or keeping more of your own money in the first place.

Colmes moved on to point out that McCain was offering tax cuts too.

So how did Wurzelbacher explain his support for that? He didn't. He said, “It's, you know, are either one of 'em gonna do it?”

After that, Colmes played clips of McCain saying that the government would give every American family a $5,000 refundable tax credit (for health insurance) and buy mortgages directly from homeowners. That was interspersed with clips of Palin railing against Obama's “socialism.” Colmes said, “It's interesting because Sarah Palin gave $1200 to every resident of Alaska. Some people would call that socialism. And John McCain would give...”

We never did hear the rest of it because Hannity had one of his tempermental outbursts from the other side of the table. “That's oil money,” Hannity said, as if that made a difference.

When Colmes finally had a chance to proceed, he said, “One could say socialism when John McCain wants to buy back mortgages. Was that socialism?”

“Honestly, I don't know enough to actually answer that question intelligently,” Wurzelbacher responded. Then he parroted Hannity's line by saying, “That IS oil money. I mean that's not socialism. That's just rewarding the people in the state.”

Colmes, probably not wanting to go too hard on “Joe,” said, “Right.”

Wurzelbacher went on to admit that he once lived in Alaska and had been lucky enough to receive that oil money. But his rationale was that the cost of living was more expensive up there.

I wonder if he'll be back to offer his thoughts on foreign policy, having lived in a state where he could see Russia.