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Greta Van Susteren Feeds Republican Talking Points To Rudy Giuliani About NY Times Article On Cindy McCain

Reported by Ellen - October 21, 2008 -

Greta Van Susteren, often touted as Democratic balance to FOX News conservatives, not only offered no counterpoint to Republican Rudy Giuliani's complaint about the recent New York Times' investigative article about Cindy McCain, Van Susteren offered up Republican talking points instead. With video.

During an On The Record interview with Giuliani last night (10/20/08), he complained about the New York Times' recent investigative article about Cindy McCain that has Republicans and FOX News up in arms crying foul. Rather than provide any opposing view, Van Susteren offered up the McCain campaign's response instead.

Van Susteren said, “Well, (Cindy McCain's) lawyer, John Dowd, wrote an article that we put on, was on FOX News, in which he said if you're going to go back into Mrs. McCain('s drug use), are you going to go back into the drug history of Senator Obama who has admitted a drug past?” Van Susteren posted the letter herself, on her FOX News blog, in a post that took the money line from the letter as her title: "You Have Not Tried To Drug Dealer."

But as Think Progress has noted, the Times did go back into Obama's drug history. After conducting three dozen interviews, the paper concluded, “Drugs played bit part in Obama's young life.”

After launching into the all-too-familiar attacks on Obama via William Ayers and ACORN (that Van Susteren also did not question), Giuliani went on to claim that Sarah Palin has more experience than Obama. No argument from Van Susteren about that, either.

Just about the only Giuliani sentiment that Van Susteren questioned was why he wasn't angry with Colin Powell for endorsing Obama.