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Unrepentant Bigot Sean Hannity Distorts Obama's Past In Order To Stoke Racial Fears About Him

Reported by Ellen - October 20, 2008 -

Hannity's America did another hour-long investigation smear job on Barack Obama last night (10/19/08). Ratchet up the rhetoric, add a few additional “radical associations” such as Tony Rezko and Planned Parenthood and there was not much difference between this program and the one hosted by Greta Van Susteren the night before. However this show made an extra effort to paint Obama as a black radical militant by vilifying his association with a black militant poet named Frank Marshall Davis. But “fair and balanced” FOX News allowed Sean Hannity, the unrepentant former associate of a white supremacist, to use only one source, anti-Obama author David Freddoso, and to ignore Obama's written disavowals of Davis' philosophy. With video.

Unrepentant bigot Hannity, who obsesses about black racism against whites (while defending white bigotry against blacks) has repeatedly tried to paint Obama as a black racist.

As he usually does when he's up to his bigoted tricks, Hannity outsourced his racial attacks, this time to Freddoso. Freddoso is hardly the neutral expert he was presented as. He is the author of an anti-Obama book touted by its publisher as having the same goal as Unfit for Command, the Swift Boat book put out in 2004. Media Matters has reported numerous examples of misinformation and misrepresentations by Freddoso. But the “We report. You decide” network withheld that information and presented him as a credible expert. He was also the only guest for that segment. Also not reported to the viewers was that Obama has explicitly disavowed Davis' views on race.

The first clip from Freddoso showed him suggesting that Obama might want to start a race war. Freddoso said, “(Davis') poetry advocated for black soldiers to take up arms against the United States. He wrote, 'Hey Uncle Sam. You shouldn't want to give me a gun.' He was a very radical political communist.”

Hannity announced melodramatically, “Davis was a known communist sympathizer, beholden to the same elements that sought the overthrow of our government and the end to American power. And this was the man that Obama looked to for guidance?”

Freddoso later said that when Obama was upset by what he perceived as his white grandmother's racial prejudice, he turned to Davis. According to Freddoso, Davis told Obama, “basically” that “White people can never really understand you... Black people have reason to hate and, in fact, your white grandmother understands that fact.”

Hannity added, “Before leaving to go to Occidental College in 1979, Obama turned to Davis for some last minute advice. The radical writer told Barack Obama, quote, 'You're not going to college to get educated. You're going to college to get trained. They will train you to forget what you already know. They will train you so good that you'll be believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way.'”

“So does Obama's relationship with Frank Marshall Davis sound familiar?” Hannity asked, “Well, it should.” Hannity played a clip of an angry Rev. Wright saying, “Who cares about what a poor, black man has to face every day in a country and a culture controlled by rich, white people?”

Hannity put on his psychologist's cap as he continued, “Is Obama looking for another mentor, another radical father figure to continue where Frank Marshall Davis left off?”

Freddoso chimed in. “Frank Marshall Davis and Rev. Jeremiah Wright approach racial issues the same way. Basically, that there can be no true reconciliation between people of different races.”

But both Hannity and Freddoso failed to tell their viewers that regardless of whatever Davis and Wright think, that is not what Obama thinks. In his memoir (p. 10 of the pdf), Obama wrote about Davis' college advice, saying that Davis was “incurable” and “living in the sixties time warp that Hawaii had created.” Obama also wrote (p. 10), “I felt equal to my white peers. Around them I could not sniff the offensive odor of condescension... I cannot support the African American extremist postulate that all whites are our enemies.” Obama felt that Davis “fell short” of the “lofty standards” Of “Martin and Malcolm, Dubois And Mandela.” (p. 9)

Instead, Hannity went on to scurrilously suggest that the reason Davis was removed from the audio version of Obama's memoir was to sanitize Obama's life in advance of running for president. “So the question is, why are so many of these passages missing and who decided to take them out?” Hannity asked.

Hannity didn't mention that the memoir is only available in abridged form and that there were lots of incidents cut out, in all likelihood by an editor.