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O'Reilly: FOX News "leans 'traditional,' conservative"

Reported by Chrish - October 20, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly admitted tonight 10/20/08 that his network "leans traditional, conservative," but followed with the "balancing" caveat that they regularly host liberals. This is not news, but it's nice to have an acknowledgment from the face of FOX News that the network as a whole a political bias. So can we pleeeeeease stop the fairandbalanced slogan so we can do something else? Pleeeease?

Within a wider-ranging discussion with Bernie Goldberg, one of his regular (and, it should be noted, conservative,) media critics (others being Mary Catherine Ham (conservative), and Jane Hall (ineffective, agreeable "liberal") the two discussed the looming possibility of a Democratic Congress and White House, being reported on by the so-called liberal - "corrupt" - media; it has disaster written all over it.

(As an aside, here's more evidence that O'Reilly is neither fair nor balanced, as he claims - when did he ever worry, from 2000-2006, about Republican-controlled Washington DC?)

O'Reilly admits that FOX News "leans 'traditional,' conservative" but immediately counters that there are as many liberal on the network as conservatives. Hogwash. Pick a show, any show, and there will be a disparity in representation; when you delve deeper, you'll see a distinct difference in treatment of guests based on their ideology.

For example, tonight's O'Reilly Factor featured Goldberg (right), Tammy Bruce (right), P.J. Crowley (left), body language Tanya Reiman (n/a), MO Gov. Matt Blunt (waaaay right),
Mary Catherine Ham (right), and Juan Williams (anti-Obama moderate).

Reality Check segments included Jesse Watters accosting Stanley O'Neal, former Merril Lynch CEO, on the street; a blistering of NBC News correspondents who uncovered the facts on Republican mythological figure "Joe the Plumber" and a rebuttal of said facts from Laura Ingraham (waaay right); and Sarah Palin's "real America...patriotic, pro-America" comments and Joe Biden's rebuttal that "we are all patriotic, we all love our country," and then O'Reilly's smug rebuttal of Biden that "we don't all love America, we aren't all patriotic." Speak for yourself, asshole.

PS - Don't tell Joe Scarborough that Pat Buchanan is the only conservative on MSNBC.