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FOX: Sarah Palin "dissed" on Saturday Night Live

Reported by Chrish - October 20, 2008 -

There is no slight too small to be blown up into a FAUX conrtoversey, especially if it supports FOX's unprofessional crusade against all things NBC.

This morning 10/20/08 on FOX and Friends host Brian Kilmeade seemed particularly incensed that Tina Fey and Sarah palin only shared the stage in passing during the comedy-skit program. There was speculation about why that was, but regardless of any facts to support them, the tone was indignant on behalf of their gal from Alaska.

Did Tina Fey refuse to appear next to Palin because of Fey's liberal politics? Or did she just not want the direct comparison, because, the hosts alla greed, their Sarah is much prettier than Tina.

And the scripts - terrible! They could have made her look good, like they did with Hillary Clinton, but the McCain camp probably knew they wouldn't be "nice" to her. Doocy thinks there's a double standard - project much? They "never gave her props," he and Kilmeade commiserated.

Gretchen Carlson made an observation that the McCain camp took a chance putting her on the show at all, as they would not have control of the script - "who does? If somebody comes on this show they don't have full control of script-writing." Interesting that she is directly comparing this "news" programming to a scripted comedy program - just sayin'.

Outspoken liberal Alec Baldwin's appearance was roundly panned; he "tanked the read" according to guest Frank Luntz.

There is apparently nothing too petty, no molehill too small for FOX and Friends to turn into a mountain of victimhood for their poor, pitiful candidates. She knowingly walked into the lion's den, so they shouldn't be complaining that she got a few toothmarks.